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Our Story

Since it was created in 2022, about 47,000 bottles have been sold in France. A real success! 

Marie- Julie, the founder is a district nurse for 10 years when she got pregnant with her first child. She had a complicated pregnancy gaining 85 pounds and it took her a long time to lose this weight. Two years later, with her second pregnancy, she experienced the same amount of gain weight, and the same pain.

The cause : Water Retention. 

By talking to people around her, she then, realized that water retention is a real health issue that many women and men suffer with. While some people only suffer with water retention during summertime, most people are affected by this issue all year round.

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To fight those symptoms, she decided to train and learn the specialized lymphatic massage method, Renata Franca. A manual massage technique that uses firm pressure on the whole body with precise tonic movement at a faster pace, on the circulatory path of the lymphatic system with “pumping” type pressure on the lymph glands and exclusive manoeuvres.


In about 3 years, Marie-Julie became  one of the most valued practitioner of the specialized lymphatic massage method"Renata franca" in France and Luxembourg.

«I’m aware that not everyone can afford a massage session weekly, it’s a luxury of time and budget. I wanted an alternative way, something really efficient and accessible».


Lehning Laboratories and Body Look care partnered up in France created a dietary supplement to help drain excess fluid from tissues and stimulate lymphatic system functions.

«  We absolutely are committed to use natural herbs, and we selected 3 plants with tested and confirmed properties, whose combination provide excellent results »

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